The Walnut Tree was officially launched at the Art Worker's Guild, Bloomsbury, London on the 1st May, 2019. 

Charles gave a great talk on some of the process of how this book came to be and the audience listened to some interesting facts and lesser known anecdotes about the walnut. 

Thanks goes to all attendees and a fun time was had by all. 

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Country Life article 


Pick up the latest issue of Country Life this September and you will find more tales of the walnut tree from Charles Hulbert-Powell. From it's origins in the Garden of Eden to its intricately patterned wood and our love of cracking open and consuming its hard-shelled fruit, the walnut tree has enjoyed a long and colourful history. Pick up your copy to read more on this topic and also to learn some of the more uncommon facts about this nut. Did you know that Louis XI's barber used a heated walnut shell to shave his master?


Available today in all reputable newsagents.






New review for the Walnut Tree. 

For anyone who has an interest in walnut trees and their uses, this book will provide all the information that is ever likely to be needed to plant and grow a tree to having a greater understanding of its historical uses and features in the art and furniture world. From and understanding of the taxonomy of the species and descriptions of all the various cultivars and varieties known for selection that can be planted in the nuttery to the myriad of uses provided by this popular tree. These uses include how the fruits can be used for eating and cooking and oil production, the fine uses of the beautiful timber by furniture makers and high quality gunsmiths. The book is well-written and illustrated with colour photographs and illustrations.

A must for any tree lover.

Tony Kirkham, Director of Kew Gardens

The Best Gardening Books of the Year. The Times November 30, 2019

Charles Hulbert-Powell makes it onto The Times' Christmas list 


No surprise that in a world needing more trees there is always a new tree book around the corner. Tony Kirkham, of Kew, is today Britain’s best-known tree guru and has produced a fine, gorgeously illustrated book that introduces trees from all over the world, important for properties such as healing, killing, building, fragrance and sheer bloody size and amazingness. Gardeners will be fascinated. Mind you, for a warmer, feel-good tree book, try The Walnut Tree by Charles Hulbert-Powell (Unicorn, 256pp; £30) and learn about oil, nuts, gunstocks and fancy varieties; what a treat. Thames & Hudson, 256pp; £24.95

Thursday 12th December, 2019

Getting bored of Brexit negotiations and election madness? Take a trip to Kent and Hever castle where you can pick up a copy of The Walnut Tree and take in the sights at the same time:

Hortus Winter Edition - 2019 


The Walnut Tree features in the most recent edition of Hortus cited in the

Editor’s Quarterly Book Bag. 


Suggesting that the book falls on fertile ground, David Wheeler, the editor,

refers to The Walnut Tree as a book of ‘superb walnutty diversity’

suggesting that, whilst Charles’ only book to date, it provides a great insight

into the topic and evokes mouth watering memories of The Walnut Tree

restaurant near Abergarvenny. 


David also points to Charles’ section on the West Midland’s Jaguar factory’s

use of burr walnut veneer as being of particular interest giving a nod to the

insight provided exclusively in the publication. 

17th August, 2020

Charles' book continues to make an impact. The latest catalogue to include his work is the International Dendrology Society and is named amongst a number of important publications. 

October, 2020 

An extract of the Walnut Tree is published in the Country Smallholding. The extract included some practical experiences of growing the Walnut Tree from Charles Charles H-P.

November, 2020 - A new market for Walnut pulp


As production of walnut oil continued to move forwards in 2020, a new market was found for the pulp or residue from production.

The walnut is crushed and hot pressed to extract the oil. The residue pulp extracted from the machine is thin and brittle. Chloe Stewart of NIBS etc specialises in Grenola, cakes and biscuits from products which would otherwise be thrown away. Chloe, who has a stall in Borough Market, London is making a biscuit from the pulp. We are delighted that almost all the nut we produce is used.

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